Planning permission for log cabins

We can assist you with planning applications please contact us for further details.

If you have any concerns about a legal problem involving planning you should get professional advice or ask your local planning department.

For further information use these links to visit the Planning Portal or General Permitted Development Scotland.

Planning approvals

Here are a few of our recent projects to receive full planning approval

planning approvals for log cabins

New wider "twin static" units following planning changes

The problem has been the 6.1 metre maximum width restriction for a "twin-unit" static.

Given the thicker walls of a properly insulated log building, the internal layout was often compromised by some suppliers, with smaller than ideal rooms, and narrow doorways. Other suppliers have tried reducing the external wall thickness to a minimum, to maximise internal space, but in doing so sacrificed the warmth and solidity that so many find appealing. It seemed that if you wanted to have log buildings, under planning consent for caravans, there would have to be compromises.

But new legislation is about to change this. A government consultation document was circulated recently, proposing several changes to the existing legislation. It was almost unanimously welcomed by the industry and interested parties. It passed into statute at the beginning of October (see ), and one of it's effects is to increase the maximum width allowable for a "twin-unit" to 6.8 meters. It may not sound that great, but will mean that a building with two bedrooms across the back will have more than a foot extra width available for each of these rooms.

Planning Application Contract

Timber Leisure Buildings agree to apply for planning permission on behalf of our client. The application is based on three lodge sizes. The deposit paid is dependant on the size of building used in the application.

The largest lodge requires a 5% deposit, the medium unit 7.5% and the smallest model 10%.

If there is a multiple lodge application, planning departments charge a fee per lodge. In this type of order we require an order of two to six lodges on the application. Above six lodges we require an order of two lodges plus £500 per additional lodge.

If the application is made for a larger lodge, a smaller lodge can be constructed after planning is obtained. If we apply for planning for the smallest unit we construct(30 square metres) then the planning authority may restrict the client to that size of building.

All our lodges are individually designed for our clients. The actual layout and size is agreed, on receipt of the planning application approval.

Unlike planning fees from an Architect that can be several thousand pounds, we fund the complete application, and an appeal from the deposit . This also guarantees the price for the duration of the planning application