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Swimming Pools & Spa Houses

We work with competitive swimming pool and exercise pool installers to offer our clients a unique package- An exercise pool and 70mm enclosure from only £17,000.

The Aqua4Health combination of Exercise Pool/Spa and Pool House is available for less than £20,000.

A choice of poolhouse designs are available from stock


Swimming pool houses

swimming pool houses

swimming enclosure

Luxury Spas

luxury spas from baltic timber lodges

Due to today’s society of urban living and hectic lifestyles, Aqua4health felt some people were discouraged by the impression that hot tubs are expensive, unwieldy, bulky, hard to move, install and maintain. We identified a desire for a Spa that is light, compact, affordable, attractive and provides a professional level of hydrotherapy.

spas from baltic timber lodges

All our poolhouses can be modified to comply with building regulations if required, for uses such as coffee shops, classrooms etc.


Swimming pool houses

swiiming pool houses

We can also construct a conventional swimming pool, above or below ground to your personal specifications.

Please visit www.panachepools.com for further details

These can be situated outdoors or in a timber pool enclosure.

swimming inside

Should you wish to enclose your own swimming pool we offer savings of at least 30% when compared to other Timber pool enclosure manufacturers .


Exercise spa

Whether you are looking for a gentle resistance training session or a full swimming workout, the counter current unit is flexible enough to suit all your needs.

exercise spa

The Aqua2 Spa weighs only 90kg (approx), and fits through a standard door frame. When empty, it can be easily moved by two people and with a 500-550 litre capacity can be filled with water within half an hour. Economical running costs mean that you can enjoy your Aqua2 Spa at any time, by simply whisk the cover off and immerse yourself in water temperatures of up to 40°c. A fantastic feeling after a long day, particularly in those long winter months when the differences between the ambient temperature and the tub temperature are at their greatest.

Massage away the stresses of the day in the Aqua2 Spa multi massage therapy seats, or relax and revitalise with the multi air injection system that adds millions of tiny energising air bubbles to the water behind your back, around your legs and under your feet and gives the most invigorating massage experience. With the demands of modern living you deserve the ultimate in home relaxation and comfort.

The Aqua4Health 'JetSpa' Exercise Spa is 5.6m long and 2.2m wide which will easily be accommodated by most UK gardens. It comprises an exercise pool with 9 pro-swim jets which are full adjustable to suit the swimming strength of the user, and a 3 seater hot tub which has one lounger and two additional seats. The temperature in the pool and the spa is individually adjustable and most set the pool at around 28° and the hot tub at between 37° and 40°. This way the user can enjoy a therapeutic swim against the swimming jets, and then when the exercise period is over, simply jump into the hot tub and relax with a full massage and that well earned glass of champagne! A really fantastic combination Swim Spa at a price that is affordable to most and half what most hot retailers charge for this type of combination.

Colours available:

colours of spa

SIZE: 5600 x 2200 x 1370
Steel Frame for durability
9 High Power Pro-swim jets
Spa LED Lighting
3 High Power Massage pumps
Circulation Pump
Air Blower
Ozonator Fitted
3kw Heater
39 Hydro- Massage Jets
Commercial Grade Heater & Ozone