Timber Frame Houses

By incorporating modern methods of construction we are able to provide timber frame solutions that meet the most challenging of design and construction requirements.

The timber frame construction sector is still very much a growth industry and with this in mind we have adopted a unique approach focusing on quality, flexibility and excellent service.

Timber Frame Homes

roof trusses

timber frame build

Timber Frame Homes

More and more Developers, Contractors and Architects are realising the advantages and benefits of timber-frame over traditional brick and block construction. With quicker build times, and more efficient building controls, an increasing number of UK developers are changing to timber-frame.

The UK MANUFACTURERS specialise in creating top quality, cost-effective timber frame structures for a wide range of buildings; from large multi-story apartment blocks to commercial and public sector projects including schools and care homes. Timber Leisure Buildings are working with them to produce affordable RURAL HOMES from only £48,500.-Complete.

timber frame bungalow

This is for a 2 bedroom bungalow similar to the one shown in this section . A complete detached home with render finish over a timber frame with internal services to include central heating and fitted kitchen from £48,000.